Friday, 25 September 2009

Necrophilia revisited

I really like the ideas suggested in my previous post about corpses. Thank you all for responding, I've decided to go with your ideas! about this for corpse-handling:
  • Corpses are always dropped where possible unless the body was hacked up beyond repair or use (but for non-corporeal beings they may not be corpses per se, but rather 'essence of blah')
  • Corpses aren't permanent but decay after a while.
  • Corpses do not provide any intrinsic nutrition (or at the most, a very small value) upon eating (perhaps even the opposite - corpses make you hungry?).
  • Eating corpses provides a temporary intrinsic thematic boost to something, e.g. a stat, a resistance, a skill etc (for example, eating the, er, flesh of a fire elemental grants a temporary boost to fire resistance).
  • Carrying a corpse belonging to a creature will grant living creatures of that type a small bonus to attack and damage ("hey, you killed my friend and you're carrying him about with you!")
I'd like the use of corpses to be a 2-edged sword somewhat, unlike Crawl, for example, where apart from the (now easily identified) poisoned corpses, and the risk of mutation, they are pretty much benefical, nay essential (unlike Crawl, I intend to be a bit more generous with standard food though)


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elig said...

This sounds completely perfect. I might even implement this exactly list in my Roguelike :D