Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Character Creation Changes

I've revamped the character creation, simplified it and have finally incorporated it into the main window, thus many of the problems caused by the DLL should no longer occur.

I'll run through the new character creation briefly here.

Upon selecting the option to create a new character from the main menu, as before, the first thing to be done is entering the character's name. There is still an option for a random name:

The next step is to select gender:

Then racr:

And then class:

Currently the final screen is background:

I've decide to remove, for the time being, what was previously the 'full' character creation method. Pressing ESC on the background screen saves the character and starts the game as before:

There are quite a few things I could tidy up in this - a final confirmation screen that shows your character and allows you to cancel, more information on the various character creation choices and what affect they have on the character being created, and so on.

Incidentally, these changes reduce the size of the redistributable package to under 900K.

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