Monday, 28 September 2009

Kharne 0.0.4a available

After a few issues were pointed out with 0.0.4 I've decided to release a new version, 0.0.4a (836K zip file, link is also on the usual place on the right-hand side) to address them. Changes are as follows:
  • Blocked repetitive keypressing whilst in character creation to avoid selecting multiple options with the same keypress.
  • The various character creation steps can now be undone.
  • Pressing [CTRL] on the background tab in character creation will now generate a random background.
  • Half-Orcs are now Orcs everywhere in the game.
  • Character Dumps should no longer report dwarven characters as halfings.
  • Character files which belong to characters who have died are now moved to the morgue subdirectory.
  • Upon death, a copy of the character dump is written to to the morgue subdirectory.
  • Common items can now be pseudo-ided.
  • Fixed a minor spacing error in automatically generated backgrounds.
Note that one of the changes here is when a character dies, the character file is moved to the morgue directory and flagged as a dead character. This is in preparation for implemention of saving and loading. Character files are currently not scrambled or encoded, so if you want to undeadify your character file, load it into a text editor and change the first line from "Dead" to "Alive". ;-)

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