Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Kharne 0.03d available

Due to the hanging bug occuring too often for my liking on the current released version, I've decided to release a new interim bug-fix version, 0.03d.

It does not have any of the main features (potions/scrolls, integral character creation and so on) that are due to be in 0.0.4, nor is it be open-sourced, like 0.0.4 will be, but it will be a good basis upon which to release the next major version.

You can either get it here or via the link on the right-hand-side under 'Downloads'.

One small issue with this version is that due to the logging threading, after you exit the game, it takes a few seconds to clear itself from memory. I'm currently investigating that.

Here are the changes in this version:
  • Bitstream Vera Sans Mono is now the only font used throughout the entire game.
  • Ranged/magical attacks for monsters now use differening appropriate and meaningful ASCII symbols.
  • Ranged/magical attacks for monsters now are described correctly (and differently from melee attacks).
  • The status/info panel can now be hidden (F1/F2 to toggle).
  • Grammar and punctuation has been corrected in various locations throughout the game.
  • The Monster description window has been removed from the game.
  • The Item popup window has been removed from the game.
  • OOD Monsters and Uniques have had their stats adjusted.
  • Wearing and removing magical items now produce additional atmospheric messages.
  • The magnitudes of item enchantments have been modified.
  • Attacking with a missile weapon now produces appropriate feedback in the message log.
  • Monsters that haven't detected the player yet are grayed-out.
  • Monsters can no longer critically hit the player.
  • Skill levels now contribute to Game Score.
Ill shortly be starting a period of fairly intense revision for my Cosmology exams in mid-October, and coupled with my full time job and a family (significant other and two cats) my time is fairly limited so I don't anticipate 0.o4 to be out until after that.


Anonymous said...

I've got a font problem with 003d:



Dave said...

Hmmm...looks like the font isn't installed properly on your machine.

I'm using the standard Bitstream Vera Sans Mono font.

I'll have to try it on the desktop PC tonight, which I know doesn't have the font on it.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Anonymous said...

Ehm ... this font isn't pre-installed on most Windows PCs -- you have to provide this font (it's free) with your game distribution.

Dave said...

It should be installed automatically - the "kharne.ttf" file is the font.

Can you install the font and see if it looks any different?

Sealer said...

How is it possible to cast the spells in game? The help screen definitely doesn't help in this matter...

Dave said...

Not yet :-(

Spells will be implemented soon!

Sealer said...

I hope so, because magic system sure looks interesting.

SoulIntruder said...

Hello Dave.

Today I've played a bit in your rouguelike because I am looking a game that fits my needs since years ;)

I think the graphics is a strong point of your game. Minimap is nice and ascii design is also nice.

However the crucial thing will be balance. I chose to play mage and I died after two hits from kobold.
Warrior perfroms a lot better.

But what can I say after 15 minutes of playing...;)

Looks nice and keep up a good work. Will back to see progress for some time...