Thursday, 24 September 2009

Progress Report #17

Time for a progress update, I think. I've been pleased with the amount of work I've been able to do on Kharne recently, even though I should be studying. It has almost got to the point where I'm running out of things to do before I have to bite the bullet and start implementing potions, scrolls and spells.

I've implemented a form of Pseudo-ID. After a certain number of turns carried in the inventory, an unidentified magical item will pseudo-ID itself as such:

In the inventory, pseudo-IDed items will be marked with their quality:

Currently, the time it takes to Pseudo-ID an item is dependent only upon the quality. But there are many other factors that could influence the time it takes for Pseudo-ID to kick in. If you drop the item, the Pseudo-ID 'counter' resets and all progress towards Pseudo-ID is lost.

Of course, wielding/wearing them will still immediately identify it:

I've also extended the keyboard/inventory revamp to eating:

Pressing 'e' will bring up the inventory screen with edible items highlighted. Pressing the associated letter for an item will eat it, just like if you drag the item to the eat icon.

I think I will release the next version soon, even without the scrolls, potions and magic, or the refactor being completed. I just have to finish the keyboard revamp of the magic screen and I'll get 0.04 out the door for you good folks!

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