Saturday, 26 September 2009


Over at #rgrd the topic of stashes came up, and a couple of suggestions were made* to, within the frame work of persistent or semi-persistent dungeons, reduce the backtracking and hoovering that they can introduce:
  • The stashes themselves are unreliable and items in them slowly dissappear from them over time.
  • The stashes are rented and cost money.
  • The stashes attract extra monsters keyed to their contents.
  • Some monsters can raid stashes and take some items from them

P.S. part of the reason I suck at playing roguelikes so much is that I never use stashes.

* Thanks to tametick, kaw_, jmr and fs| for their thoughts on the subject - a most illuminating debate.

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elig said...

I like Resident Evil style stashes. They exist at various points around the dungeon, but all access the same account. Like a bank.