Saturday, 12 September 2009

Interface Improvements in the next version

The next version will feature an overhaul of the interface. I want to bring the interface more into line with the traditional roguelike capability of being able to control everything as much as possible via the keyboard (as well as using the mouse).

Hence, 0.0.4 will allow you to examinem wear, wield, drop and use (drink/eat) items via keyboard commands. Now that multi-item tiles have been implemented, I'll also allow multi-drop, and enable mouse-over item hints on items.

And of course, 0.0.4 will be released under the MPL with the source code repository on googlecode.


Tom said...

Can I uses MPL code within a GPL project ?


Anonymous said...

This is consequently. Good. :)

Dave said...

Tom, as far as I know, the GPL and MPL are somewhat incompatible, but I'd be happy to dual-license my own code as GPL as well.

(I did have a reply back from the FSF stating that I could distribute my code under the GPL as long as I expressly gave permission for it to be linked to non-GPL components, but I'm not quite happy with the language of the GPL on this)