Tuesday, 21 July 2009

0.03 Coming Soon

I think I will release the next version of Kharne this week, probably by the end of the week. It doesn't have many of the features that I wanted it to have, but there's enough to warrant a release.

The only tasks I have not yet done which I had originally planned to do for this release are:
  • Finish inputting speech and actions for any remaining monsters.
  • Implement a door-stripping check to remove isolated and annoying doors in the dungeon.
  • Overhaul the adjectives (i.e. simplify the adjective lists) used to describe items.
  • Reduce the number of items available in the dungeon.
  • Refresh the contents of the shops in the Town Level every time you re-enter said level.
  • Add milestone handling to the character log files.
I may just say "sod it" and shift these back to 0.03a though.

Beyond that, I really need to start work on implementing ranged combat, and potions/scrolls, along with finishing the refactoring needed to allow saving/loading.

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