Thursday, 9 July 2009

Mental Note to Self

Mental Note to Self: for the next release, take the time and effort to fix the speedbuttons and menus along the top edge of the screen so that they actually work (and are also context sensitive).

Sudden Random Brain Impulse: do I actually need them anyway? If they disappeared, would anyone care? Here's a mock-up of what the game would look like without them (maximum retro-console goodness, surely):


Anonymous said...

The less different interface areas, the better. So drop the icons. Maximize the dungeon view, have as less status information as possible.

Or make it MMORPG - like: configurable. Movable.

Dave said...

I think I will get rid of it entirely, but keep the menu at the very top.

It means the message window can have an extra 2 or 3 lines, which is always a good idea.

The screen is fully resizeable BTW, which was a bit of a pain to implement, but worth it.