Thursday, 23 July 2009

Kharne 0.03 available

Even though a few small features haven't made it into 0.03, I've decided to release anyway. So, get v0.03 here or use the link on the right-hand side.

The changes in this version are:
  • The main window has been consolidated into the game window.
  • Added Uniques to the Dungeons.
  • Some monsters are no longer silent, and can shout and make other noises (this is a work in progress).
  • Reduced the amount of items that are generated on a level, apart from food, which has been increased.
  • Monsters can now occasionally wield and wear armour and items.
  • Social Monsters can now be found throughout the Dungeons in greater numbers.
  • High Scores have been implemented.
  • Fixed a bug where deaths could be logged multiple times.
  • Added a cursor to the main display window.
  • The effect of AC, Speed, Blocking and Deflection have been reduced.
  • Monster Hit Points have been recalculated and increased.
  • Shops are now restocked with new level-appropriate items every time you re-enter the Town Level.
  • Player Resolve is now affected properly by items with the Steadfastness Enchantment.
  • Artifacts-quality items have now the "Ancient" prefix when unidentified.
  • Items that bestow health are now properly factored into calculations for Hit Point Display and Damage Taken.
  • The amount of damage inflicted and recieved is no longer displayed in the combat log.
  • All rings and amulets generated are now of superb quality at least.
  • Added warning text to alert the player if a dungeon is too difficult for the character level.
  • Wearing and Removing Items now have more descriptive messages.
  • Items that are carried but not worn contribute only 20% as much to overall game score.
  • Monster awakening messages are now more atmospheric.
  • Eating items now displays gramatically more correct messages in the message log.
  • Added a warning whenever a single attack takes off more than 50% of the Player's Health Pool.
  • Monster health is now displayed as health bars beneath the glyphs, and is displayed in the message log at regular intervals.
  • Skill Gains have changed so that specialist skills (e.g. Melee or Heavy Armour) increase faster than the general skills (e.g. Fighting or Defense).
  • The Wizard Console has been extended with more information and more options.
  • Gifting an item on the Wizard Console no longer causes an occasional error.
  • Items gifted using the wizard Console are now automatically identified.
  • The Town Level Name is now displayed correctly on the Window Title.
  • Opening/Closing Doors no longer displays a message on the message log.
  • Intrusion Zones are now generated again occasionally.
  • Intrusion Zone Monsters e.g. Vanguards or Intruders, are now scaled appropriately to the level in which they appear.
  • Digging now stops if any monsters are in sight.
  • Duplicate messages that occur when the character drinks from a fountain have been removed.
  • Item/Monster tooltips have been changed slightly to display information better.
The other changes mentioned previously will roll forward into 0.03a (yes, I said "sod it" after all).

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