Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Revenge of C.

With all this talk on r.g.r.d. of picking up abandoned projects written in C or C++, I have an increasing urge to write a small Roguelike in said languages. Realistically though, with Kharne and with Prelude, I have enough on my plate for the time being and my copy of K & R can wait*.

I've had lots of experience with C or C++, in fact around the turn of the millenium I spent four years after graduating using both languages to a reasonably high degree of competence and complexity in a commercial environment (the company I worked for, a major international telecomms company is now bankrupt, which is not surprising given that for most of its existance, it was utter and complete cluelessness made flesh). One thing I do regret from my time there is that I never really learned to use the STL, instead we were locked into using the Roguewave libraries). I also spent a lot of time with Informix, for my sins.

However, if I do decide to get in some C or C++ coding I think I may focus my efforts away from roguelikes and do something completely different.

(* Incidentally, I dislike K & R style indenting. The Kharne source code is written using Allman indenting, which is the defacto standard in the Pascal world)

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