Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Release Early, Release Often...but where?

Following the Powder maxim of releasing early, releasing often, I'll release 0.02c in the next couple of days (mainly to get something out the door). Baring any last minute changes, the changelog will consist of:
  • Gold is now automatically picked up.
  • Varying Radius FoV has been implemented - randarts with the 'alertness' property can increase and decrease (if cursed) the radius of the FoV.
  • Moving the mouse over a creature or item in the dungeon now displays pertinent information on the main screen.
  • Food found in the dungeon is no longer flagged as unidentified.
  • Fountains that have been drunk from cannot be drunk from again.
  • The player avatar ('@') is now transparent.
  • The main menu has been given a graphical overhaul.
Yeah, I know: no ranged combat, no scrolls, no potions, etc etc. They're coming up, honestly.

The only current snag is that I've forgotten all my login details for rapidshare. I'm getting somewhat tired of that anyway as a filehosting platform, so are there any easily available alternatives where I can store the Kharne releases?


Worthstream said...

I'd suggest Megaupload, but i'm partial, having a premium account there ;)

Also, as long as a single archive isn't larger than 10mb, you can setup a quick Google Page and use that as a permanent hosting.

elig said...

Google sites now allows you to upload up to 100MBs of any kind of content for free. I'd suggest using it.

elig said...

Oh, or Google code.

Dave said...

Cheers all. I ended up using Google Sites. :-) I also have a GoogleCode page reserved for when I put Kharne opensource.