Sunday, 19 July 2009

Early Vaults

Although unlikely, it is possible for large vaults like this to be generated as early as level 2 of the entry dungeons. They are, however, barricaded by closed doors (and monsters cannot yet open doors). Like vaults in Angband, discretion is strongly advised. I do not intend for a level 2 character to be able to clear one of these out (without expending all their resources at least) - hounds, wargs, large snakes for example, are all OOD monsters. However, the rewards are great. This particular vault, when cleared out with the aid of wizard mode (though the character still would have died four times) contained 6 magical items.

(Incidentally, the white box is actually the new cursor which will be used in the new ranged combat interface if and when I ever get that written)

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